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"We exist in moments of gentle apocalypse"                                     Roland Barthes      

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July 07:  It's your future


   Enjoy this moment.  The future is not bright.


  I am on 'vacation'.  I struggled at the airport bookstore.  I could not decide between....


    Armed Madhouse by Greg Palast


    Thomas Ricks', Fiasco


    Hubris by Corn and Isekoff


    or one of Thom Hartman's books.


Realizing that any one of these books would simply feed my frustration, I opted for William Gibson's 'Pattern Recognition.  Perhaps at some point I will read it.


   Naturally, I found other things to disturb me.  I happened upon a death clock, by way of reading about Metalocalypse, and a happier sounding, life clock.  The life clock has me down for an extra few years, but I think I may have marked that I have a positive attitude, which is not entirely true. 


    Icing on the cake: oil crunch in 5 years? And I finally found a car that I really enjoy, damn!  Expensive commuting is one thing.  Energy costs that significantly slow down the economy are another.  Imagine economic slowdown combined with high gasoline and energy prices.  Wait, didn't that happen already?  And we are smarter than to have to go through that again, right?



On a slightly different note:  The link on the upper right 'Why we Fight - or don't' is an absolute must see. 



   Not to worry, I am sure we will debate the debate and not the issue.  And the politicians will debate each others 'teams' and not the issues.  And they will trade sides, rotating from the legislature to the lobby and contractor sector, until the next go round.  One side will 'win' while the other side 'looses' but none will miss a meal.  The soldiers will still be dying for the ego's of their leaders pride, and the pundits mythology.  The rich will reinforce the gates to their communities.  The poor will grow in number.  And America as a nation will pay the price - with blood, treasure, and hopefully a dollar worth something close to a dollar.     






















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                         Feel safer?  (video of i.e.d. in al anbar, iraq)























Why we Fight - or don't


iraq, by the numbers


Cost of War: Est. $1.4Trillion


where are they now?


neocons, Iraq, and irony


Wars by Month:  $12B








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