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16 April 06: The Lamb



I actually saw the locals slaughter, quarter, and sell a lamb today.  The irony just occurred to me, it's Easter, or would the irony be more appropriate for Passover? Any way, I would have gotten some photo's but there has been sniper activity in the area so I wanted to stay low in the turret (humv 50 cal).


I am still not over the dog killing.  Found myself staring into the backyard the other day, as though she would come around the corner.  Five minutes perhaps, then I turned to missing my dogs at home.


I am back to trying to follow the news so my general disgust level is up.  But a few things actually impressed me and provoked thought.


Kevin Phillips:  Smart guy with an interesting new book.  I appreciate attention being brought to the affects of national debt on national security.  People who let their faith overly influence their politics scare me as well.  I particularly like his proposal that we adopt the confidence vote for the executive.


New York Times Select:  As a subscriber you have complete access to the Times on line.  $50 a year to read the op-ed page basically.  The letters are also usually interesting.  However, I recently discovered that the Times is featuring 4 blogs of military personnel.  Three are in Iraq.  ALL ARE OFFICERS.  This hardly seems a diverse sampling.  They are very sweet, non controversial, not particularly informative, and not particularly well written.  This is my academic opinion only.


People of my rank have been punished for their blogs.  The ones that the Times is running don't seem to be in danger of this.  It is not my intent to talk a lot of shit about what happens here.  I am saving that for when I am back in the states and out of the army.  I am accepting donations for my senate bid.


If you want to find out gruesome things from here you can find it elsewhere, and a little bit goes a long way.  i.e.


I am really more concerned about what is happening at home.  Is anyone paying attention to what their 'leaders' are saying, much less doing.  Combine them with the overpaid CEO's and one would think that we are one nation, unaccountable.


But that is just me, maybe my standards are too high.  Maybe this is why I am destined to become a hermit.  I am seriously hoping for some sort of nirvana, where I have finally read so much garbage that I transcend it.  But until then I am in the middle of it.  Also, when I stop commenting/complaining it is a pretty good sign that I have stopped caring. 


If nothing else, for the very few people who read this junk, I hope that I provide interesting resources for information, and spark some curiosity. 




















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    George Orwell...need to read some of his earlier works, supposedly better from a literary perspective.  One literary critic described his temperament and work as hyper-ironic.  I aspire for such a character attribution.   











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