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11 April 06: Homecoming


To those of you who follow this thing...I went on leave and now I am back.  I had managed to cut down the amount of news that I was purposefully absorbing and instead started listening to more music and trying to stay on top of my pen pal correspondence.  I will go back to the usual format next time, but there is something more important that I must share.


Nearly all of my group was called away to work elsewhere when I was gone on leave.  The conditions sucked, nearly everyone got sick, and I feel lucky to have missed it.  Upon arriving back, even before I went to set my bags down, I walked around the back of our barracks to visit Saba, our wayward but always smile eliciting dog-monster.  No dog to be found.


   Apparently, while no one was here, someone Killed our dog.  And it was not a fucking insurgent! 




















I have been less pissed off while being shot at.  I believe that no good or bad deed goes unpunished, so you, dog killer, will be dealt with one way or the other by some force of nature, stroke of luck, or what have you.  Justice is not mine to dispense.  But if I had an eye witness, and I was caught on a bad day, I would exact an ounce of pain for every time that dog made me or those with whom I face danger laugh, smile, and forget we are in a war zone.  And I am not a violent person by nature. 




















I am listening to...


  Erik B & Rakim / Public Enemy:          it's rap, but without the misogyny...

Today I am thinking about....


    It occurred to me the other day that I am actually under less stress

in the Anbar Province than I am at home....


I will be working on this, but promise to seek professional help if necessary








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