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04 Mar 06: Beautiful Things...


Re:  the comment to the right side there:  Before you say to yourself, well for some people that may be an important achievement for them personally.  True, it takes all kinds.  But coming from a middle aged man, well, he and his wife can sort out that risk / reward scenario. 


In other local news....New York Times has a great column called 'The Opinionator'.  Not sure if it is a web only thing, but it makes a good summary of news and links to sources.  Unfortunately, you have to pay for that one, but here are a few of the links that caught my eye.


William F. Buckley, comments on Iraq...


    Does anyone else think that we there should be some sort of national dialogue as to what success or failure means in Iraq.  And beyond what a generally frustrating thing it has become, are we satisfying an overall strategic and political goal?  If so, what is it?


Here is the follow on to the Buckley bit provided by Eric Alterman...


Lately, I am just feeling lucky to be alive.  Not the 'life is beautiful' type feeling, but more of the 'wow, that was really dangerous, I am never doing that again' feeling you have after touching the wrong wires together while working on the circuit breaker, or driving to fast through a rain storm when you know you need to replace the tires.


I have amused myself of late by making pen pals and chat pals.  This is not as lame as it sounds. 


So far the most recent dialogue I have engaged in is with a an Iranian woman. 


One of my first questions was whether her country's president was a wacko, who just said obnoxious stuff, and that the old-school clerics actually were running the show.


She said 'our president is just as crazy as yours is'.  And it was not said in the manner of ' I know you are but what am I', but a general comment.  We moved on to a rather interesting conversation about cultural roles of women, and began discussion of religion, a topic for which I am hardly qualified.























Worth taking a look at...


   New York Review of Books



Today I am thinking about....


    Today someone told me that their primary motivation for volunteering to be mobilized from their  National Guard unit to join a unit in Iraq was to get a Combat Infantry Badge.  Just chew on that one for a while...









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