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12 Mar 06: Solicitation


Preface:  I am on leave from the war for a short time, back in the states.


Hiatus in 'normal' society should provide plenty of material. 



    The first full day that I was here, I received not one but two phone solicitation from representatives of the armed forces who were ready to sign me up in the army reserves.  This would be in addition to the numerous calls of this nature which have come into the house in my absence.  My first question to each of the callers was where they got a list with my name on it.  The typical, and familiar to those of you with military experience, response was that it 'came from higher'.  This is a great response for any circumstance.  Not only does it shift responsibility to an unknown third party, but it sounds as thought that third party may be a minor deity or some sort.  While I have them on the defensive, I follow on with questions as to whether they have anyone actually checking the list, and whether they think it is a good use of money and resources to have them calling someone who is already on orders in Iraq.


Two issues here.  1) Your tax dollars

                        2)  If they are this well organized at home...then...


You connect the dots. You pick up the pieces.


Let me clarify my position regarding Iraq.  There are a lot of well meaning people doing the best that they can under difficult circumstances, with what I feel is a lack of clear direction.  We all know that just because you try hard, and mean well that things do not always turn out as you would like.  Neither life, love, nor war are meritocratic in nature. 


That being said, this article by Rupert Cornwell writing for The Independent of London is a follow-on to my previous post regarding Buckley and Alterman's recent commentaries.


On a not necessarily related note I think that the concept of rebuilding Iraq in a manner similar to the processes in Germany and Japan following WWII, while easy to conceptualize and sell to the masses fails to account for vast socio-political, cultural, and historic differences in the project nations.


Anyone not familiar with cognitive bias may find this link informative.  Actually you may want to keep that page up as you read/watch/listen to the news. 























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