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4 Feb 06

Let's face it.  It is not that we have the inability to focus, it is that so little of what is being put out merits our attention.  We have plenty of attention, corporate media just can't hold it.  Which actually gets to the underlying problem.  Most of what is out there is not designed to provoke thought so much as it is designed to provoke purchasing.  As an MBA student, as well as an economic unit, I am thinking about this sort of thing a lot.


Mainly I am curious as how production has become inextricably linked to the social good, regardless of the content or quality of what is produced, while having good schools is viewed as a economic tax burden.  The global economy starts at home.  That kid we let drop out of school will one day steal your car stereo, or worse. It is just a matter of time.  If we live longer now, does that mean that karma is actually faster by relative terms?  As longevity approaches infinity, does karma approach instance?


Great idea of the day....have one of the airlines take over the public education system.  First, all of those with no academic inclination can go directly into the ticket window and screener training programs.  Then, the airline can ask the government for a bunch of money to actually educate the rest of the kids.  They will tell how they will go bankrupt otherwise, and the congress will feel very sad for them and give them fat cash. 


Different topic....

A journalist reporting from the economic conference at Davos, Switzerland noted the changing face of the conference attendees. Notably, the lack of white guys.


Not a racial thing, just wanted the shock value.  America is loosing ground in the world economic scene as we continue to sell debt to maintain our economy.  We have a massive trade deficit as we don't make as much stuff to trade.  China and India are going to be big baby.  One thing though, those new suits on the international economic scene take their higher education as U.S. universities.  So there is one thing that we still do pretty darn well.  Hopefully, you can afford to send your progeny to one of these fine institutions.  Alternatively you can endow some money to the DOD and get your name on a HUMV.  Oh, you already have.  All but the name anyway, send me some stencils and I can help you out on that.


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