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26 Feb 06: Expectations of Efficiency and Accountability


'To The Point' did an hour on the budget and defense the other day.  Great show as usual, troubling as usual.  It is truly disheartening that to follow what goes on in our government, particularly the fiscal matters, is less a civic norm and more a lifestyle choice.


Again, I must express my gratitude and credit independent public radio stations for having shows such as this.  And yes, I do express my gratitude in the form of monetary donations.  In the past two days I have listened to an hour on the budget, and an hour on whether we are winning the war in Iraq.  The latter being particularly ironic as I listened to it while outside of the relatively safe confines of our forward observation base in the hostile rural Anbar province.


Irony aside, I listened intently to the programs.  I could more easily relate to the discussion regarding Iraq, naturally.  As for the budget, I felt that at the end of the show I had several hours of additional research to do because the panel was doing the parsing of words and parallel discussion thing that I mention on the digital audio page.  The discourse goes something like...' it is not that medicare funding is being reduced, it is just not being allowed to grow at the same rate as the last budget...'. 


Another item that caught my ear had something to do with the 'fact' that spending on social programs had supposedly increased by 117% in the last so many years.  My immediate thought was...well sure, if you are unemployed, or have a job that does not have health care, or can't afford health care, etc. people are going to turn to government programs.  There are just too many ways you can read into all of these things.


But I know this much...the commentators on either side are not missing meals or doctor visits, and have likely never been on unemployment, or had to consider bankruptcy, or gone into one of those grocery stores by where I used to live in St. Louis with bars on the windows, security personnel with an a firearm, and metal detectors.


I remember the feeling of betrayal I had when I realized that instead of actually cutting the budget deficit, congress was talking about how they made cuts that would theoretically make the deficit less than what it is estimated to be in the future if it were presumed to grow at a constant rate.  It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.


I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I know that it's harder to correct someone's spelling when they are writing in foreign language.























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    It seems incomprehensible that so many presumably smart people could create such a mess that I have a new understanding for the deficiencies of man.  One's own fear and pride, not not the actions of others, inhibit man's ability to bring light forth into this world. 









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